Becky is a pink-haired babe, who welcomed us into her house on a very rainy Friday afternoon! She’s making power movess 💪🏼 within the music industry, as co-founder of her own music management company, radio show host, and DJ. PLUS - she has the pink SMEG fridge of dreams.


HC: You’re doing so many cool things! Tell us all about them?

BT: I co-founded Juicebox, a record label, management and PR company, which is around three years old now, and keeps me pretty busy. I also have a radio show on the all female radio station Foundation FM, and I DJ!

HC: You also run the brand Bad Vegan as a side hustle - what’s the story behind it?

BT: I’ve been a good vegan for 5 years now! I realised the vegan community can be quite strict about what you can/can’t do, and I personally have a more relaxed approach, so rather than calling myself vegan I found ‘bad vegan’ was a funnier title. Sometimes I still eat honey or wear leather, for example. It’s about being more conscious in your choices moving forward, but realising slipping up every once in a while is fine.


HC: Speaking of food, what’s the last thing you ate?

BT: I just ate some vegan banana bread, baked by yours truly!

HC: What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?

BT: Going to Japan last year was incredible. I travelled around, seeing some of the most mental places, like Naoshima, Osaka and Kyoto. Of course Tokyo blew my mind. It was such a fun trip.

HC: Any advice for gals wanting to get into the music industry?

BT: Learning your craft is key. Coming away from a job having learnt something is important, so even if you’re not feeling the place you’re working, make sure you stick it out long enough so people know what you can do and what you stand for. So try not to jump from place to place too quickly!